CATZ Fitness Tips

Do I need to call ahead to schedule my session?

For all performance classes and youth fitness classes we ask that you call or email CATZ 24 hours in advance of the training session you are planning on attending. We try to control the athlete to coach ratio and your phone/email helps us do so. Adult clients do not need to call ahead.

How long prior to the start of my session should I eat?

We suggest that you eat 90-120 minutes prior to the start of the session.

What should I wear to the workout?

You want to have comfortable/breathable athletic clothing...gym shorts, t-shirt/tank top, and a good pair of athletic shoes.

"My feet are killing me after a workout" or "I think I have shin splints"

These two are very common comments and are usually the result of inadequate footwear. Inspect your footwear, see if they are worn down in certain areas, any rips of tears, or even holes at the bottoms if you sneakers have any of these issues replace them with proper fitting sneakers. You wouldn't show up to an athletic event in beat up old footwear, treat your workout the same way.

How often should I attend?

This answer varies for everyone. It comes down to what your body is telling you. Slight muscle soreness is ok every now and then, but you shouldn't feel completely worn down and beat up each day. During the workout you are actually breakdown the muscle slightly, the rest days and getting a full night of sleep are the times when you are actually rebuilding and repairing the body.